I knew these were different from the first time I put them on…

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Experience the NYC Marathon2013  expo from Barefooters' perspective.

While we were in New York for the NYC Marathon expo, we shot some video of the friendly people who stopped by our booth to check us out. Meet them on our YouTube channel and see ... Keep reading

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HSN2SeptMidnightShift (640x480)

Tuesday, September 2nd is our second appearance on HSN. Catch Gillian Mandich live on the air at 12:00 noon and 6:00 pm EST. She'll surprise you with her good F-words! Working the midnight shift on ... Keep reading

Size, Buttons & Care

Leave behind your Feel Great footprint

Sizing, Buttons & Care – All You Need to Know

Download and print our handy sizing tool to determine what size you should be wearing. Just make sure to follow the printing instructions so it prints out properly! If you need ... Keep reading