I couldn’t go a day without them… nor could my co-workers….

Gifts For Him

Surprise him with comfy that goes anywhere he does. Barefooters Classics are washable and can be worn with socks or bare feet.

That leaves him free to Feel Great any way he likes.

Power of Strong Feet

At mile 19 of the 2014 Air Force Marathon, Dr. Mark demonstrates the elements of good running form.
- Face relaxed/Head up
- Relaxed shoulder rotation
- Hands close to sternum
-Drive elbows back from lower traps
- Running tall - core stable
- Extend at hips
- Foot lands close to center - no overstride
- Tan your soles - planter flex foot at toe off

Dr. Mark has impressive credentials when it comes to bare feet. He is a Professor of Family Medicine at West Virginia University School of Medicine, and a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force Reserve ... Keep reading

Bicycling Gift Guide


Barefooters FLIP thong sandal is featured in Bicycling Magazine's digital edition in the Best Off-Bike Gifts for Cyclists. It's not too late to get them under the tree for your ... Keep reading